Eve's new album in utv advertising campaign

Scratch the Surface is featured in a TV ad running on UTV from 1st to 8th April during Coronation Street, Thus Morning, Loose Women and James Martin. Catch the ad below!


The New album zoomed ahead

Eve's new album was launched on Friday 26th February 2021 via Zoom to her mailing list. People came from the USA, UK, Ireland and beyond.

Songs from the album have been played on MKB Independent Radio, Lionheart Radio, BBC Radio Ulster, From Texas and Beynd and other radio shows.



Eve Interviewed on Bangor FM

Listen to Eve talk about dodgy knees, hope, lock down, songwriting and the story behind I Walk Through Fire.

Corona Covers

Eve is doing a weekly video on YouTube called Corona Covers, It includes one cover and one original. This week's is a left field ABBA cover plus a piano ballad version of I Walk Through Fire. 



Writing in Spain 

Eve has just returned from a camp for professional songwriters and artists in Las Negras, Andalucia. Here she is during a day of writing with Hiolly Tandy of The X Factor UK 2017 and Niels Otter, Dutch producer extraordinaire .


Playing at the Bluebird Cafe, Nashville 

Eve visited Nashville in Spotember, playing at the world renowned Bluebird Cafe, writing with publisher Allen Palmer and recording a track with Steve Goodie, MC of the Bluebird Cafe. Many thanks to the Arts Council of Northern Ireland for supporting this trip.



New Song: I Walk Through Fire 

Eve's new song was released on 23rd August. It's an epic pop song with a big chorus. Check it out here.


Eve at Out of the Woods 

Eve has just returned from Norway, writing for Eurovision 2020 at Out of the Woods songwriting camp in Rena. Here is a little video of the camp... it was great fun!


Eve Live at Moya Brennan's CluBeo 

Eve had an amazing time playing at CluBeo (pronounced Clu-Yo) in Donegal this weekend. A highlight was being blessed by Moya Brennan (literally, in a spiritual sense) and supporting the Henry Girls.


Don't Anchor Me on YouTube 

The new video for Don't Anchor Me is now on YouTube. This is my most 'me' song and it's definitely my most 'me' video. I hope you enjoy it!



A Day with Rheumatoid Arthritis (Chronic Pain Awareness Month) 

September 2018 is Chronic Pain Awareness month.

Have you ever sprained your ankle? That's inflammation. Multiply that by 30 joints in your body, add flu like fatigue and mulitiply that by 30 years and that's rheumatoid arthritis (plus type 1 diabetes) then add faith, music, good friends, travel, learning, teaching, Netflix and that is my life. See a typical day in this video. Warning: The video contains needles, blood and country music.