eve in local women belfast and ards

Look out for Eve in the September 2021 issue of Local Women magazine with a great story about how her new album came abput. Just to add a note, he cover of the magazine features Miss Northern Ireland contestants. Here at Eve Williams Music we don't endorse beauty pageants! We believe in not judging women at all, but if they must be judged it sould be on the basis of their character and acheivements and not how they look in a swimsuit. Just to be clear!

Hit you like a hirricane: the new video is online

Eve's new album in utv advertising campaign

Scratch the Surface is featured in a TV ad running on UTV from 1st to 8th April during Coronation Street, Thus Morning, Loose Women and James Martin. Catch the ad below!


The New album zoomed ahead

Eve's new album was launched on Friday 26th February 2021 via Zoom to her mailing list. People came from the USA, UK, Ireland and beyond.

Songs from the album have been played on MKB Independent Radio, Lionheart Radio, BBC Radio Ulster, From Texas and Beynd and other radio shows.



Eve Interviewed on Bangor FM

Listen to Eve talk about dodgy knees, hope, lock down, songwriting and the story behind I Walk Through Fire.