Celtic Connections 2014: You'll Love Haggis, Honestly

So once more I found myself in an airport waiting to fly to Glasgow, a city I had last seen in May. The flight from Belfast took a grand total of 25 minutes. As Steven McKnight, my esteemed guitarist, pointed out it takes longer to get from the centre of Belfast to Finaghy. We were on our way to play at the Danny Kyle Memorial Stage at Celtic Connections.


The night we arrived we couldn’t resist the urge to consume a battered haggis supper each. Kristina (who took all the videos on this page) is Portuguese and had never tried it before. Well, when in Rome, as they say….


We did however work pretty hard that night.

When we arrived at the venue the next day we realised that we were going to experience the best sound we could possible have. Adelaide’s is a nineteenth century church, and churches of that period were built for sound. The sound engineers, Gordon, Joe and William were also totally amazing.



It was really nice to run into Ruth Hamilton and later Danny Matheson of Celtic Music Radio in person having cyber met them quite a while ago!


Liz Clark arranged and compered the event. The other musicians were totally amazing, including the brilliant Jaywalkers. Some of my socks are older than them. But they played amazingly. The whole show was broadcast live on Celtic Music Radio.


Many thanks to everyone who came along and listened in!

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