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Eve to Support Arthritis Research UK Adolescent Arthritis Campaign


Eve has agreed to share her story as part of Arthritis Research UK's new campaign on adolescent arthritis, having developed the disease at the age of 14. Quite often people think of arthritis as an older person's ailment or a natural part of growing old. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is an illness which develops in young people when their own immune system attacks the synovia, or the linings of the joints. Its effects are not limited to the joints: it can affect the heart and eyes, cause anaemia and other problems and is associated with some types of cancer. Much can be done to stop the disease progressing and give young people a brighter future. For further information see


Eve on BBC iPlayer


Eve was interviewed tonight on the Sue Marchant show about her journey through rheumatoid arthritis, the genesis of 'Oblivion' and 'Between the Lines', her future plans and Irish sherry clubs. The interview starts at about 1:23:00:

Celtic Radio to Play 'Miranda'


The lovely people at Celtic radio will be featuring a song by Eve, Andrew Price and Stuart Revnell in January. Here it is first:

Newspaper coverage


Check out the Press section for recent articles in the North Down Spectator and Ards Chronicle.


Upcoming Interviews


Eve Will be interviewed about her new album and the difference biologic drugs for rheumatoid arthritis have made to her life on Friday 7th December on Sue Marchant's Show on BBC Eastern Regional Radio. Also, Eve will be appearing on Ciaran Dorris' Sunday Show on Celtic Music Radio, date to be confirmed.


Eve's New Album on iTunes


Eve's new album, Twenty Miles from Home, is now available on iTunes. It's simple; just type 'Eve Williams' in the iTunes store search box and click on the album. You can sample all the tracks there.

Tracks from the album have been receiving airplay in New Zealand, USA, Scotland, Ireland and Japan, especially Oblivion. It's iTunes debut is something to celebrate!

'Twenty Miles from Home' now available


Can't wait for the album to hit iTunes? It's available for download now, the whole album or individual tracks, at . It's the culimination of a rollercoaster year... I hope you'll enjoy listening (the tracks are previewable).

Physical copies are available by emailing .

'Twenty Miles from Home' about to hit iTunes


Hi, every-one. The new album 'Twenty Miles form Home' is about to hit iTunes. If you'd prefer a physical copy, just email to pre-order yours.

The song 'Oblivion' from the album has so far been  played on Celtic radio in Boston, BBC Radio Ulster, Celtic Music Radio in Glasgow and as far afield as New Zealand.

To hear more of the album tracks, use the music player on this site (it's the little grey strip above you) or go to

Eve's Songs

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Upcoming gigs...

  • February 7, 2020
    The Arc Cafe, Belfast

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